Plant Care

About Sanity Gardens’ Plants-

Was established in 2022.

Each plant has been given a name based on their personalities and temperaments. Believe it or not, plants do have personalities. Each plant comes with an individualized care plan card. The purpose of this is to assist you on your journey with your new plant. However, there are a few care steps that are uniform. 

  1. Choose the space in your home in which you will place your new plant before she arrives.
  2. Once the plant comes, set her in the space which she has given you. Do not move her for 1-2 weeks so that she can get used to her new environment.
  3. Keep an eye on your new plant to gauge how she is fairing in her new home.
  4. Check the soil in a week. Using your finger place it in the soil, if the soil is dry to the point of the first line on your finger, then water.