About Us

About Us

Xandria B. Free - Plant grower, nurturer, and owner of Sanity Gardens. 

In 2020, I was gifted a plant after experiencing a traumatic loss. I have always had a plant or two in my home, but once I was given that plant it was as if a light turned on during a very dark time. I began to care for and nurture that 12-inch Peace Lily and the many varieties of green babies in my new plant family. Many of these babies have come into my life through purchasing, clippings, propagating, and rescuing, but have all been nurtured to be healthy and beneficial plants with continuous growth. 

My collection of plants is near and dear to me and has helped me tremendously through such a challenging time in my personal life. I believe that it is part of my life’s work to share the beauty, healing, peace, and joy that these plants can give.

Walter B. - Is a plant grower and urban agriculture enthusiast. As an urban planner and landscaping contractor Walter has completed hundreds of residential, commercial, and municipal projects to enhance the environment by creating green spaces such as community gardens, growing spaces, and spaces that promote community connectivity, and public art. Walter was named Environmental Hero for Illinois by Governor Pat Quinn, for his work towards training community residents in gardening and landscaping and creating jobs that are environmentally sustainable. Walter's interests are in teaching individuals the benefits of all growing mediums such as hydroponics, vertical farming, and urban farming as a means to create a more viable local economy. In his spare time, Walter loves to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as medicinal herbs as healthy healing food options. 

We welcome you to Sanity Gardens.